Spolight: Yardena Melendez

It's been a while since we've done a spotlight on one of our Twiggies so here we are keeping the tradition strong. Today we have taken some time to talk to our Lead Concierge Yardena to ask her a few questions just for fun!


What is your favorite product? 

Oh man, just one?! Hmmmm. Well I'm in love with ALL of the Davines line to tell you the truth. Although I have a lot of hair it is more on the finer side. So I am always looking to get into new texture and volumizing products. Currently, and till the end of eternity, Eufora's Touch Up Dry Shampoo in Clear is an absolute must. I wash my hair about twice a week so having this texturizing, volumizing and oil absorbing spray that is green and full of natural products is AMAZINGGGGG~~~!!!


Current Hair Inspiration?

Sophia Amoruso !! 


Best Part about being a TWIGGIE?

Keeping up with the current hair products trends! I love that everyone is so passionate about what they do so it keeps me on my toes to always look my best! Plus THEY RULE :)


Whats your favorite Fall trend?

I don't really always like what's "trending" BUT I do love that more leather and velvet is being used. I don't always have to go to thrift stores now!


 ~Jess Marcello