Halloween Makeup!

Our very own Zoie is bringing her makeup magic to the salon for this spooky holiday season!

Do you have that perfect costume idea, but are hesitant to attempt those finishing makeup  touches yourself? Fear no more, Zoie is your girl! She can do anything from sweet children's makeup to oldschool comic book characters to scary, flesh-eating zombie and everything in between. 

Applications start at $40 and will depend on the look. An estimated price quote will be given upon making reservation. If you can handle your makeup, but struggle with lash applications, no worries! You can pop in for just a lash application starting at $15 (you can bring your own or she will provide them, let us know when you make your reservation.)

Call our concierge for further inquiries. (760)431-8989

(For any Special FX makeup, please note for those of you with sensitive skin, the adhesives used and removal of prosthetics and certain "blood" products may cause minor irritation. If you have any known allergies to latex please inform us upon making your reservation. )


We encourage you to bring picture references (unless you specifically know what you want.) Zoie will be more than happy to give her expert opinions and input if you're not so sure, but please make sure to tell our concierge if you are unsure as we will need to set forth appropriate timing. 

Happy haunting Twiggies!