why davines?

why does TWIG partner with DAVINES?

100% clean energy

All human activity produces carbon dioxide emissions.

According to recent findings energy consumption will grow by 40% over the next twenty years, and the planet is already incapable of sustaining it: the consumption of natural resources by human beings exceeds the earth's capacity to renew them.

It is essential for man to begin looking towards renewable energies and resources for his energy requirements and to supply the practice of producing and creating services.

Currently the energy provided by renewable sources comprises only 19% of world production, accordingly it is extremely important to aspire to a life style that avoids CO2 emissions.

To offset the environmental impact, Davines has been using the renewable energy of the sun, wind, water and soil to supply its plants and offices since 2006.

These inexhaustible sources of energy do not release CO2, they do not pollute and are constantly renewed.

Every product formulated, designed and produced by Davines is obtained with 100% clean energy.

Here is an 11 minute video I found on TED.com about recycling, WOW!!!  Such great Brain food!

xoxo Jen