thinking about bangs?

There are many types of bangs, or fringe


The most common types are:


  • Side-swept bangs: Bangs that are “swept” to the side of the face. They are usually fall around the cheek bone.


  • Baby bangs: Bangs that are fall above the eyebrow and closer to the middle of the forehead.  Often punky or artsy types favor this style.


  • Asymmetrical bangs: Bangs that are not cut symmetrically, longer on one side than the other. This look can be bold if cut blunt or soft if cut with texture.  It can be long or short.


  • Boxy/Square bangs: Bangs that are cut straight across, like a square. Of all the types of bangs, this type is the simplest and most bold.


  • The double bang: Bangs that have two layers, an under part that gives your forehead coverage and a longer part that is swept over to the side.


Bangs are the quickest way to update your style, get rid of dead hair around the face, lift your eyes, and no longer want/need botox :)


Fringe/Bang maintenance is complimentary at TWIG.  Not only will we help you find the best fit for your faceshape, but we will take care of the fringe trims inbetween services!

xoxo Jen