to keep you warm, inside and out


I will be your exclusive blogger here for the next month!  While sitting down and pondering what 2013 would represent and be full of I came to a few focal points:

- Simplicity. (KISSP philosophy... Keep it simple smarty pants!)  As humans being prone to nature, or more specifically our new nature of the 21st Century, it is often easy to make complexity out of something so simple. Its so easy to be pulled in 5 directions at the same time.

- Gratitude.  There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for!  2 powerful words to express it: THANK YOU!

- Purpose.  Live each moment in the reflection of purpose... this is the goal, knowing and living your purpose. It is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow on a rainy day!

With that being put into the universe, here I go!  I am hoping to inspire you to also take a moment to reflect upon Simplicity, Gratitiude, and Purpose. 

This video made me feel all of the above!! xoxo Jen