New Year, New Tools!

Did you know that you should replace your brushes and combs at least every two years with regular use?  With use the bristles start to reshape and are no longer as efficient as they once were to detangle, curl, straighten and over all shape your luscious locks.  Not to mention, it takes longer to blowdry and your arms feel as if they are going to fall off!

So, what happens if you don't replace them? It can cause breakage of hair strands resulting in split ends and additional frizz... not exactly what any of us are trying to achieve, right?! 

So start the year off right and replace your brushes.  We have a variety of styles that are designed to hold up longer and help reduce your drying time.  During the month of January, TWIG is offering you 10% off all hair tools.  This includes, GHD flat irons, blowdryers, and brushes!!