Spotlight: Andenise & Bahar

Andenise and Bahar are our fabulous interns that I'm sure most of you have already experience! They are beginning their adventure on to the floor under the supervision of our fabulous owner Jennifer! They are making their way through the extensive intern training program and are gearing up to show the industry what they've got!  

How did you get into the industry?

Andenise: I've always been good at doing hair, and have really enjoyed doing it.
Bahar:  My mom has done hair all my life so I basically grew up in a salon.


What’s the craziest you’ve ever done with your hair?

Andenise: I grabbed random pieces all over my head, and started chopping.
Bahar: I took clippers and shaved my whole head! 


What type of hair do you have and what’s your favorite product for people with the same texture? 

Andenise: I have fine hair, and I love oils, or anything for adding shine.
Bahar: I love the sea salt primer, it gives my hair such a great texture. 


They each have select days during the week in which they are available for blowouts and styling services for $20-$50 and on Sundays they are available for color services starting at $55 and treatments and haircuts upon request! So give us a call at TWIG (760)431-8989 to get your appointments scheduled with these lovely ladies!