Sea Salt Primer

As summer is on its way out, and the thought of jumping into the ocean becomes less and less appealing, we want to help provide you with an alternate way to get the perfect fresh-from-the-ocean look without the hassel. How, you may ask?? With Davines' Sea Salt Primer of course! This is the perfect tool not only for beachy waves but for a few other reasons as well, let us count the ways...

1. Use on wet hair before you blowdry to give extra fullness. 

2. Helps give an added texture when applied to dry hair, which can help hold a curl or style. 

3. Spray after styling on straight hair to give an uncombed beachy look. 

4. Spray toward the root to help obsorb oils and freshen up those beachy waves! 

5. After curling spritz the primer all over to help piece out those curls and give a more casual look. 


So if the beachy look is what you long for year round, stop by and pick up your very own Sea Salt Primer!