Are you looking to grow out your locks? Are you afraid of having dry, split, and damaged, hair at the ends? Most of us are. But worry no more. 

At Twig we carry all the essential products needed for every type of hair. 

Davines' Essential Line is full of products, but if you're looking to manage your mane, look no further than Melu. Melu, meaning "mellow," is full of rich ingredients, such as spinach extract, apricot butter, cherry oil, and rosemary extract to help protect the hair from powerful blow dryers and hot tools. This line is wonderful for anyone with already damaged hair looking to revive it. 

Not only do they carry the Shampoo and Conditioner but they also have a serum specifically for split-end ridden hair! It has two functions, sealing up the split ends, and conditioning them to hinder the formation of more split-ends. 

The Melu Shield is to protect your hair even more against the hot, hot tools that we love to use.

So stop by and grab some goodies to keep your locks long and luscious. 

Thank you for your time.