from our "why green?" page...

When I had a vision for TWIG and all that it would stand for I decided to work with companies that stood with the same belief system as myself... Yes, this is the beauty industry BUT, it is rather UGLY what goes into the manufacturing of so many of the "magic potions" that we use to maintain our hair and skin.

My vision includes continuing education by constantly increasing our knowledge on the newest and safest technologies that actually work.  Through vigorous research within the beauty industry we strive to find products that make the hair and skin dramatically more youth-like.  However, what I didn't anticipate on this journey in deciphering the truth, are the numerous pages that consume the internet with conflicting information that is contradictory to one another.  So, my biggest concern quickly became, who do I trust?  My decision has been to trust the companies that actually have chemists working with them, whom aren't hidden and I am able to talk to directly when I have a question or concern.  I also chose to work with companies that institute a well-rounded, sustainable effort, that clearly represents the transparency of their ethics.  In other words, nothing is hidden, all cards are on the table and moreover, I am able to put faith into a product that represents consistency and clearly portrays their own philosophy, from the inside to the outside and everything in between.   

I've given up on listing all the ingredients that you should stay away from and here is why...

- If I had a penny for every time one study "trumped" another... well, I'd be sitting on a mountain of copper.

- I am not a scientist.  If there is one thing I have learned it is that one ingredient by itself could be safe but when combined with another safe ingredient, all of a sudden you may have a "toxic" cocktail.  It is complex.  Way too complex to just list on a website and... remember, I am not a scientist.

- What is harmful to one isn't necessarily harmful to another.  It is our responsibility as humans to listen to our bodies and pay attention to its reaction, on an individual basis.

Here are some of the sustainable initiatives we have taken on as a company:

- Partner with companies that use as many natural and organic ingredients as possible.

- Use products that use as little of packaging as possible, along with efficient, recycled and/or recyclable packaging.

- Give back and be responsible by participating the LifeGate Zero Impact project (reforesting to offset production)

- Order and retail in bulk sizes to minimize packaging

- Using energy efficient appliances and lightbulbs

- Having the doors open instead of using air conditioning when possible

- Being virtually paperless as a company

- Recycling, reducing, and overall reusing principles

- Using "green" cleaning agents

At TWIG you can find a collection of hair and body care products that have been researched thoroughly. Nothing is 100% safe due to the lack of research that has not been obtained on "newer" ingredients. It is also a tricky line to walk when trying to make a product last in your shower or cabinet longer than 2 weeks without storing it in the refrigerator. What I can promise you is that new information is coming forth day after day, and I vow to keep on top of the latest and safest, not only for my family, but for yours too.

Jennifer, Founder of TWIG hair lounge