Re:form Yoga

For those of you who practice yoga, you've experienced and understand the healing and mental benefits of the practice. For those of you who don't, imagine your body being at complete peace while still having the energy to do anything you set your mind to. Sounds pretty amazing, right? It is. 

The team at Re:form Yoga have all the tools to bring your mind and body to complete serenity. They start the class off easy, sitting cross legged and just breathing in the day. They are focused on connecting your breath to each movement, which allows you to focus your energy on each position and get the most out of your work out. When centering your attention on your breath, it calms you down, steadys your heart rate, and helps you feel renewed when you leave. 

Re:form Yoga is located right next to us and we have been given the chance to get to know the owners and some of the staff and they are all informative on the subject and a delight to talk to. 

They carry delicious juices that are completely organic and they are shipped to the studio bi-weekly. You can order them directly from their website:

So if you're feeling a little tense, a little blue, or just want a relaxing way to stay in shape, check out their website and go in for a class. At $39 for a whole month of un-limited yoga, you can't go wrong. 

Check out their site: