Beach Hair.

Southern California is the mecca for beach bunnies, and surfer guys and gals alike, and everyone around these parts is trying to achieve that perfect sun-kissed ocean wave look during Summer. 

During the long Summer days, many beach-goers would like ideas on how to transition their salty locks into the night. 

We will share some of our personal favorites.

1. Curly Side ponytail-make a deep side part and curl the ends with a large, round curling iron, then let the weather do the rest of the curling work for you! Apply a little Marrakesh Oil to help with flyaways and add a little moisture and you're ready for a night out on the town!

2. French-braided fringe-french-braid all of your bangs away from your face to prevent them from getting sweaty.


3. Fishtail Braid- Divide your hair in half and hold the left side in your left hand and the right side in your right hand. Pull a half-inch section of hair from outside the right side and add it to the inside of the left side. Repeat with a piece from the outside of the left side, adding it to the inside of the right side. Continue down to your ends, and secure with an elastic. Position the braid over your shoulder and tug out a few pieces for a breezy effect. Spray a light spritz of hairspray on it to prevent frizziness.


Top Knot- Flip your head over and use your fingers to rake your hair into the highest ponytail possible. The trick is not to make the top of your hair smooth — the more texture, the better. Wrap your hair around the base of the pony and pin so your ends stick out, you can also try braiding your fringe into the knot.


Another issue you may be faced with is how to achieve the look without the beach!

Here's an idea for that:

1 .Overnight, separate wet hair into two sections and tightly braid straight down. In the morning, take the braids out and scrunch a little Kusco Murphy Beach Hair for hold.

Many of us are vacationing during these Summer months and all of these hairstyles are great for humidity, and don't require much work. Get creative! Try braiding all of the hair around your head, the possibilities are endless! Imperfection is what you're going for when it comes to beach hair!



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