Getting down and dirty.

With Summer right around the corner, most of us are getting out our rakes, shovels, and gardening gloves to prepare for a lovely crop. For those with a hankering to make your thumb even greener, but need some help in that field, this blog is for you. This is about how to save seeds and grow vegetables from your own seeds.

When you buy your fruits from the market, you don't always know how safe they are, where they came from, or how good the strain is. When you grow at home, you have the advantage of knowing exactly how they were grown, what was used to fertilize, how long they've been off the vine, and everything in between. 

Be weary, don't try to save seeds that were from super market produce! They could be from a "commercial hybrid, " or grown miles away and may not adapt to your climate. If you are so inclined to harvest straight from the fruit, it is best to buy from a local Farmers Market, so you may have the opportunity to ask where they came from and if they are hybrid or not. If it is a hybrid then it may not produce a duplicate fruit in the coming season. 

When picking fruits from your own garden to use as the "mother plant" be sure that you keep the fruit or vegetable on the vine past it's ripe stage. That will ensure that your seed is mature. 

If you want to visit one of the largest suppliers of seeds, try out the Seed Library of Los Angeles, or SLOLA ( Lifetime dues are just $10. With that fee, you are given the opportunity to "check out" seeds for your garden, with the promise that you will bring back an equal or greater amount the nest year for more to use. Letting others reap what you sow. Kharma at it's best. 

So get dirty! Get muddy! Plant some seeds! Eat fruit! Get seeds! Get even dirtier! Eat even more fruit!.... You know where I'm going with this...