dude doo's

In southern California and beyond, dudes have been rocking the long locks. This dated doo is spreading like wildfire and men everywhere are coming to terms with the fact that mane maintenance is a must! Here are some simple tips to keep your long hair looking and feeling cool. 


Marrakesh oil: Apply a pump full to damp hair, working from ends up. Keeps hair hydrated, free of frizz, cuts drying time in half and has a gender neutral scent.

Man bun: Summertime heat causing you to rethink your length? Rock a man bun, will keep your hair from getting tangled in the summer beach breeze, keeps you cool in the warm weather and easy assembly. Put hair in a ponytail and twist the length until hair begins to wrap itself around base of the pony. Secure with a hair band, rubber band or string. Did we forget to mention that women swoon over this look??


 Bandanas: Bandanas are a great way for males to keep hair out of there face while still looking ultra cool. For a more masculine look, wear folded bandana over forehead and tie in the back of the head. For the classic biker look, fold opposite corners in to create a triangle. Wrap length around forehead, tuck down loose corner and tie last two corners together for a tough as nails look. Give Bandana Franks version a try, if you dare!

Keep up on cuts: I know getting hair cut regularly sounds like the wrong thing to do when you are looking to keep length but hear us out, please! Ever notice your hair splitting? Breaking off at ends? Drying out? All this can be avoided with keeping up on regular hair trims. Do this four times a year and you will notice longer healthier hair in no time.