Coola Suncare

Has something scary ever happened to your family that you decided to take action, so no one may ever experience the same scare? That's exactly what Chris Birchby did when his family had a melanoma scare. 

Birchby started his quest for eco-friendly, safe, sun screens in 2002, and is constantly searching the market for the best products to use.

Coola has two sunscreen lines: their "Classic" line and their "Mineral" line. 

The Classic line is made up of their organic active ingredients, also known as a "Chemically Active" formula. Don't let the name fool you! This is still one of the safest sun screen lines out there! With the help of Hydresia O technology, "derived from eco-certified and USDA certified organic Safflower Oleosomes", all of those sun protectants will stay out of your skin while keeping you protected from the sun's rays. 

The Mineral Line is for those of us who like organic products because these can be up to 97% organic! Their "Mineral Sunscreens incorporate their unique method of independently suspending Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide actives in an organic ultra moisturizing base." 

Come on in (or check them out yourself: and get some of the coolest Sunscreen around! Today's the first day of Summer so it's the first day of BEACH season! Stay smart and stay protected!