Spotlight: Sierra

If you've been to Twig, you've probably seen Sierra's cute face walking around the salon, or you might have even been lucky enough to get your hair done by her. Sierra comes from up North and has been working here at Twig for a little over two years! She has just the honesty you want in your hair stylist. Her positive attitude and sense of humor can light up any room. If you want an honest opinion about your hair, she is your lady! Here are a few questions with her:










 What is your favorite product to use for teasing hair and how do you use it? I absolutely love the Eufora powder lift! It gives my hair instant volume and is a great product for teasing! It helps hold the tease all day and even the next. I have super fine, limp, hair and it’s the best product for my specific type of hair.

 How long have you been at Twig? I just celebrated my 2nd anniversary here at Twig! Yay 

What made you want to do hair? I basically thought doing hair would be fun and I loved getting my hair done. I would change my color all the time and experiment on my friends. I honestly didn’t think it would be such a great career!