Summer Lovin'

"Less is more" is definitely the more favored approach when it comes to everything Summer. The warmer weather, although we are pretty lucky here in Southern California to have warm weather pretty much year round, urges people to throw caution to the wind. Things like hair product, make-up, and even clothing all dwindle away until colder weather creeps up.

Most people, while lounging by the pool, or taking a dip in the ocean, don't feel hair products are necessary. Although, the mixture of salt water, sunlight, and Chlorine are something we crave during Summer, they play a huge role in damaging hair!

If you are going to be out in the sun all day, and you are one who constantly colors their hair, Eufora's Color Locking System, which is Illuminate Shine Mist and Sculpture Styling Glaze is just the ticket you need to help protect that color! Another great tool is Eufora's Urgent Repair Shampoo, which helps detoxify the hair. They are all a vital part in keeping your color lasting longer and your hair protected. 

Our Marrakesh Leave-In is great in keeping your hair hydrated after all that swimming!

If you want to look like you just got back from the beach, try our Beach Hair by Kusco Murphy. It will give you beach tousled hair, without all that salt!

We will also be featuring a new line of Sunscreens, by the Oceanside company "Coola," that are perfect for Summer and come in delicious new scents such as Mango, Pina Colada, and Citrus Mimosa!

So come on in and get beach ready! Summer is just around the corner!