Dinner in a Garbage Can!?

If you've been walking around Carlsbad lately you might have seen a large recycled shipping box on the corner of State and Carlsbad Village. That's not a recycling center. That's Carlsbad's newest restaurant!

This new establishment runs strictly on vegetable oil and is owned by James Markham, who also opened Knockout Pizzeria and Knockout Burger. They will be serving "gourmet waffle sandwiches" all day. Not only is there seating in the "building" there will also be a grassy area with lawn chairs to relax in the sun. They will also serve beer and wine and play movies on the outdoor lot.

 He has owned this lot for a couple years but wanted to wait for a new aged, innovative idea. Well James, you did it!

Check it out here: http://carlsbad.patch.com/articles/innovative-new-restaurant-boxd-opening-in-carlsbad?ncid=newsltuspatc00000001#video-9704723

Hope you go try it out! You know we will!