Keep a Magnificent Mane.

We all know that the products we use in our hair influence the way it grows, feels, looks, and so on. However, did you know that foods we eat, and many other factors have a huge effect on our mane as well?

Our diet affects every aspect of our life, and we all know that, but what food nutrients can make your hair oh-so-smooth? Anything with Protein and Iron, of course! Protein helps with cell growth and repairing split cells, while Iron produces hemoglobin in the blood, which allows for oxygen to flow to the cells to enhance re-growth. Excess sugars intercept the necessary minerals vital for healthy hair.  

Hormones. Many women experience hair loss throughout the different stages of our life, before menopause, post-menopause, after pregnancies...But if you are still noticing access hair loss after your hormones are "balanced out" a common cause is low thyroid levels. Go see an endocrinologist to get your thyroid levels checked.

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for making those hair follicles super luscious, and clearing toxins from the.Grab some oranges and eat up! Smoking destroys vitam C in the body, and Nicotine contracts blood vessels, making it impossible for those nutrients to reach your skin and hair. 

Stress is a huge factor! When you are under stress you tense up, but tension in the scalp restricts the flow of certain nutrients and oxygen from flowing to your hair follicles.

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Now relax, eat some oranges, and have happy, healthy, luscious hair.