Nail Treatments?!

You all know how much we love our Butter London Nail Polish! But have you tried their nail treatments?

We sell 5 of 6 treatments at Twig and we love them all!

"Handbag Holiday" gives your cuticles the gift of nourishment. A mixture of minerals and oils helps to replenish and heal those nasty cutclies that we all love to neglect. 

"Hardwear Topcoat" helps lock in that manicure longer than ever. And with the non-toxic protection, it's a win-win situation!

Say hello to "Horse Power." This beauty uses the power of herbs, Horsetail to be exact, to help your growing nails, or brittle nails, grow longer and stronger. Apply this product once a day for seven days, remove after a week and start over again. Alix, one of our Twiggies, has been using it for three weeks and has seen great results!

 "Melt Away" works great combined with the "Handbag Holiday." The name says it all. It takes those dead skin cells off of your cuticles and helps grow softer, healthier cuticles.

Last but certainly not least is the "Nail Foundation." Pamper your nails with this lovely basecoat. Silky finish and stain resistant. So fresh, you can wear it all by itself.

So come on in and try these wonderful products!