Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

Since our last blog, us Twiggies have all been looking deeper into safer cosmetics and products to be used in our everyday lives. I saw this video when I was in High School and thought it would be appropriate to share. 

Check it out:

This video goes along with this website: 

The site is all about demanding safer products and a better world.  Signing up for their e-mail list will send you the latest information on which products contain all the bad stuff that makes our skin, hair, and world, unhealthy. The creator of the video has also made others in which she pinpoints the flaws of this materialistic world of ours. "The Story of Stuff" describes the process of how "stuff" is made, shipped, used, thrown away, bought again, and the ways we can fix the problems that arise in the whole process. 

The blog is short, but the subject is huge! Watch the video and educate yourself on the problem that is arising. This can't stop until the problem is heard. So share this with your friends, and begin creating a healthier world for you, your family, and loved ones.