We <3 Vidal.

Vidal Sassoon is a huge inspiration in the hair industry. The looks he has created are timeless and classy. His academy in London is well-known to be one of the best in the world. Three lucky Twiggies, Jen, Ashley, and Rachel, are getting an amazing opportunity to take some classes at the academy to learn from the best!

In response to this great adventure at hand, we thought it appropriate to let you guys in on the life and times of this hair legend.

Sassoon was born in London in 1928. As he tells it, he didn't have any interest in hair until he was 14, when he started working at a salon sweeping floors.

After dropping out of high-school, he started working under one of the most famous hairstylists of the 1950's, Mr. Teasy-Weasy, A.K.A. Raymond Bessone. Bessone has been credited for inventing the bouffant, or the "beehive." He was the Hairdresser for the Stars. 

In 1963, Sassoon was creating the trendiest looks of the time, the "Bob" being one of them, and pioneered geometric hairdos in 1966. Only a year later, he was paid $5,000 to create the iconic look of Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby.

If that doesn't knock your socks off, he was also the official hairstylist of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics!

We are all so excited for them to have this experience and can't wait to bring us back some awesome tips and tricks from a historic hairstylist.