master of crafts

Edwin Jagger is a family owned and operated business, founded in 1988. If you aren't familiar with the name, you will be now. This company is Europe's leading manufacturer of handmade shaving razors, brushes and grooming accessories. All Edwin Jagger's products are hand crafted in Sheffield, England and are constructed using solid brass with nickel and chrome plated components.  The Edwin Jagger razors are handcrafted and go through a special hard chrome process that is a beautiful and distinct "blue chrome" used by Rolls Royce.

 Not only are these products great for the skin, they are also great for the environment! The wet shave products are environmentally friendly and free of parabens and paraffins. If that is not enough, they also comprise of 99.9% natural ingredients, many derived from organically cultivated plants, replacing synthetic substances and mineral oils. Wherever possible the natural ingredients are obtained using energy efficient means. The combination of all these benefits provide for a truly unique shaving experience.