Think. Buy. Be Local. Part Deux.

Last edition of our Blog I discussed the financial advantages to buying from local businesses. Not only do non-profits benefit, but other local businesses, the environment, and the community does as well.

Reason #4-"Better Jobs": Studies have shown that smaller businesses create the highest number of job placements for the community. The more you buy from local businesses, the higher the revenue. More revenue, means more advancement in business. More advancement, equals more job openings.

Reason #5- "Decrease Your Carbon Footprint": When local businesses buy, they more often than not buy from other local businesses, meaning, less transportation for shipments. They also set up shop in local city centers, rather than outside of town, being closer to the community itself.

Reason #6-"Business Investments": Local businesses are run and owned by people who live in the community. They are more likely to stay in the community and are invested in the communities future as a whole. 

Reason #7-"Keep Carlsbad Weird": Where we shop, where we eat, and where we live is what makes our community so special. Keeping local companies in town makes a city so unique compared to any other one. When people go on vacation, they are more likely to hit up local companies rather than a larger corporation, that they can find in their hometown. The more local companies, the more tourists. The more tourists, the more revenue. And the more revenue, the company is more likely to stay in town longer.

Keep a look out for the last and final blog about why "Keeping it local" is what we want every one of you to do on a daily basis.

I thank you for your attention.