Many Thanks to you.... YES, You!

Without the support of our very loyal and positive TWIGgies, we wouldn't have been able to accomplish as much as we did this past year.  Because of YOU, we were able to help raise funds for many, many local schools... medical funds... community development programs, etc.  We (together) raised over $2500 for Sustainablity Day and the reforestation of trees, off-setting emissions.  

Our terrific group of team players also aided in the Dia del Sol fashion show, which is always a successful community and fundraising event.

With your help we were also able to keep another small, family owned business open.  This means that you helped to support about 20 working families and kept your spending local.  Kudos to you, as that has more of an impact than you may realize. 

We hope you had a terrific 2012 and look forward to further being of service to you in 2013!!  Happy New Year! - team TWIG