Spotlight: Alix

If you haven't already met her, Alix is one of our concierge at TWIG! So, Alix, lets learn a little bit more about you...

1. What is your favorite thing about TWIG?

I love the women that I work with. They inspire me to do what I love and to look fabulous while doing it.


2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years??

In Humboldt working on my Masters for Kinesiology!


3. What is one thing you love about your hair?

Everything! These ladies have made my hair beautiful and now I'm even a bit of a hair snob. I never used to do anything to my hair, but now that I'm working here, I feel as though I need a trim every four weeks. 


4. What is your go to fall accessory?? 



5. If you could rock one outrageous style, what would it be??  

A pink mohawk!