Did you know that Oi, one of our favorite products here at Twig, is fair trade certified? Well guess what!? It is. 

Now, you may be asking yourself, what is Fair Trade Certified?

It is exactly that.


Products that bear the logo, are made in a way that everyone in the process of creating the product at hand are compensated justly. 

The product starts off using Roucou Oil from the Amazon. The communities growing the plants and selling them are compensated fairly and are educated to use the fair trade to their advantage. 

Davines is driven by helping the planet be safe and fair for everyone. Even the packaging for the Oi is created with low environmental impact. With the help of LifeGate Zero Impact project, Davines will be planting fruit trees in Brazil to help off-set all CO2 emissions that were put out through the packaging of their products. 

So stop by on Monday, when all of our proceeds will be donated to the LifeGate Zero Impact project in their quest of reforestation. 

I thank you for your attention.