MS has nothing on her!

TWIG has always made it a priority to give back to the community which fuels us, but when it comes to one of our own, we pull out all the stops. Many of you may have noticed that our newest concierge,Michelle, hasn't been around lately, and for good reason.

"Michelle's daughter Breea Renee woke up on December 8th feeling "clumbsy". By noon she was tired and went home from school to take a nap. By 5 pm she called her mom and said, "I am coming to get you from work early. Something is wrong." By 6:30 she was in the emergency room with little feeling in her left arm and leg. By 9pm she was paralyzed on her left side, blind in her left eye, and losing her ability to talk and swallow. Tests revealed she has acute sudden onset of MS, or Clinically Isolated Syndrome. 

Breea was not responding to steroid treament quickly enough and began plasma exchange treaments 6 days later. Most recenlty they have discovered a new lesion or extension of the old one spreading into the frontal area of her brain."

Michelle is unable to return to work as she will be caring for Breea full-time until she is back on her feet. Breea is a tough little cookie, and nobody has a doubt that she will get through this.


From January 6th until January 21st, TWIG will be accepting donations for Breea. TWIG will match 50% of each donation dropped off at the salon, up to $250. Any financial contribution will will go towards her care, special housing and transportation needs, graduation and college needs, and basic needs. Give us a call to learn more, or stop on in.  HELP BREEA BEAT MS!

For more info. on Breea's progress, search "Help Breea Beat MS" on facebook.