NEW year, NEW (healthier) skin

Has your skin become victim to all that naughty holiday eating?  Are you looking for a fresh start? 

We have just the remedy here at TWIG. 

Stop by and treat yourself to a skin and beauty starter kit from INTELLIGENT NUTRIENTS.

Just four Intellimune® super-antioxidant – omega-powered steps: Purify. Feed. Restore. Protect. The beautiful truth: the best skin comes from the best function. Our Intellimune antioxidant blend is a powerhouse of the world's most potent natural inflammation and degradation fighters. When skin works its best, it looks its best. This is certified organic nutrition to create the immunity that results in beautiful skin.

kit includes: anti aging: cleanser, mist, moisturizer, and serum. A 2oz hand sanitizer and complimentary skin renewal complex. All for the economical price of $113.