Don't Just Use Your Shampoo & Conditioners for Your Hair..

Did you know our Intelligent Nutrients, Harmonic shampoo and conditioner can be used not only for just washing your hair but other things as well. 


Harmonic Shampoo:

Not only does it leave your hair smelling like mint heaven but you also can use some it to wash your face as well. So no more watsing money on other face wash products, why not buy Harmonic Shampoo for you everyday needs! 


Harmonic Conditioner:

Shaving  can be a pain because sometimes using just soap and water, is not enough. Have you noticed bumps appear after shaving or dryness, well dont be alarmed we have the thing that can save you! Harmonic Conditioner can be used as a shaving gel, anywhere needed. Or even put on after shaving as a after shave lotion! 


Give it a try and let us know how it goes for you!