green gold

Travelers have long wandered the roads to Marrakesh in search of spiritual and cultural fulfillment. Along their exotic journeys there is the ancient and rare argan tree, growing only in the Berber region of Morocco. In Morocco, the local people call the argan tree "green gold." From the cold-pressed nut of these magical trees comes the argan oil, known for a thousand years for its incredibly rich benefits for hair and skin.

 Aragan oil is a treasured beauty enhancer from the Argan Trees in the southwest part of Morocco. It is not only great for hair but also skin! It is a potent source of essential fatty acids, which are helpful in the prevention of dryness and aging. It is also an incredibly rich source of vitamin E (twice as much as olive oil!), a powerful antioxidant. We can go on with all the benefits of this magical oil but you should really experience it for yourself. Make sure to ask about our new high tide scent next time you stop by.


 Marrakesh oil

- gives brilliant shine

-moisturizes and conditions naturally

-protects against thermal styling

-absorbs quickly, helping reduce drying time

-controls frizziness

Marrakesh leave in


-seals in hair color

-strengthens hair

-prevents split ends

-shields hair from sun and wind damage