Dr. Feelgood.

The sense of smell is often neglected, not quite fair for a sense that's primarily responsible for our quality of life. Aside from controlling our cravings, triggering our memories and improving our sexual health, sense of smell is believed to have a powerful effect on our moods. Well, Intelligent Nutrients is at the top of the Aromatherapy game, and coincidentally, Twig just happens to be one of the only salons in Southern California that carries the line. They have a scent to match each mood, and each scent is in it's purest form. Intelligent Nutrients scents are made SOLELY from plant sources.

So Twig says,"Stop and smell the roses", give that neglected scent some love, and let Intelligent Nutrients improve your mood!



Scents include: Awaken, Seductive, Attune, Nurture, Innercalm, Restore, Focus.