Shaken, not stirred.

Alright folks, it's time for a little Twig cocktail hour. We're putting a little twist on this one though, no alcoholic beverages, just our tantalizing Kusco-Murphy products! You may have seen those little jars and strange shaped bottles that just recently graced our shelves, and those are the wonder that is Kusco-Murphy styling products. Kusco-Murphy "believes in enhancing the quality of our lifestyle by refining everyday personal care down to a few simple choices." During Summer, simpler is better right?

Be Delicious

Take a small portion of Lavender Creme and place it in the palm of your hand, do the same with about a quarter-size of Bedroom Hair. Mix the two together and the result is is an awesome fragrant lotion that stops flyaways, texturizes, and defines a good do!

Wound Up

Take sections of hair and apply a small amount of Lavender Creme followed by a light mist of Setting Lotion. Using a curling iron/rod wrap hair as usual. The result? Beautiful, soft, bouncy curls that stay all day and play all night!

Be Tarted

Make a statement with short to medium length hair. Blending equal amounts of Tart Hair and Bedroom Hair, piece and spike out your hair. It dries quickly and the results are amazing!

Summer Love

While hair is wet, take a little Beach Hair and apply it to the roots. After blow-drying work a little Lavender Creme into your hands and define ends. Not only will it leave you with delectable smelling hair, but it will last all day long. Volume and definition? What more could ya ask for?!

Try them out! 

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