Tea Tree Treatment

Head lice. The not so nice insect that live and feed off, eh, human scalp. Although a case of head lice is a nuisance, it is treatable. But what about all those pesticides and harmful chemicals used in head lice treatments? True they do kill lice but what else do they do? Pesticides can cause seizures, behavioral changes, neuromuscular complaints, attention deficit disorders, chronic skin eruptions, cancer and death. So how can we treat these pesky parasites without compromising our health? The answer is simple: Tea tree oil! The safe, effective and natural alternative.

The Melaleuca alternifolia, or tea tree, belongs to the same family of plants as the eucalyptus tree. It contains the major component l-terpinen-4-ol, which research shows has a high solvent action that attacks mature lice and dislodges them from the scalp. The result is a high lice mortality rate after the first application. 

For lice treatment simply mix approximately 30 drops of 100 percent pure tea tree oil to the regular recommended amount of tea tree shampoo. Massage into the child’s scalp, leave on for five minutes, then rinse. Follow with conditioner, then comb the hair with a metal lice comb. Make sure that you check hair for at least eight days after this procedure. If even one egg is found repeat the procedure. Even though experts are unsure if lice and their eggs will survive and nest in fabrics and cause reinfestation, it is a good precaution to add about 20 drops of tea tree oil solution when doing laundry.