Get INto it!

New scents and sprays just in time for summer! Twig is getting intelligent just for you. Cruise on in and try our new Multi-functional Aromas by Intelligent Nutrients. They can be used as a pick-me-up, spritzer or even as a perfume and come in a variety of scents. These sprays are also the perfect handbag-size to be taken out during the day (or night). They can even be used to refresh hair and add a layer of shine. Also new to Twig, Intelligent Nutrients Bug Repellent Serum and 100% safe, effective hand sanitizers. Jump on the wagon and get intelligent with us. Demand healthy products, vote with your dollars, Check your products for toxicity, and tell your friends! Their products are made from the purest and most certified ingredients, all of which are actually food grade and literally good enough to eat!