Urgent Care For Your Hair

Our Eufora product of the week was chosen by the lovely Miss Renee. Renee chose Urgent Repair Shampoo. "I like using this product weekly because it is a detoxifying shampoo. It helps to strip off mineral build up, that we have in our water in San Diego, and extend the life of your color." Urgent repair shampoo is designed to gently remove dulling and environmental stresses. It's a mild and non-irritating (to both you and the environment!) color-safe chelating* shampoo, so it can be used by people with product sensitivity. Renee recommends this product for all hair types and colors but loves the way it adds shine brightens up blondes!


*Chelating: Chelating shampoos prevent any film from depositing on the hair shaft. Films such as calcium and magnesium ions found in our water. These shampoos do wonders in helping restore shine and luster to the hair.