Decide for yourself, is amped up shine worth the risk? Another report on keratin treatments

    I was recently reading a special report in Glamour magazine regarding Brazilian Blowouts, and found it quite interesting. The perspective of the article was not leaning towards opposing the treatment, nor agreeing with it. It was simply stating the facts of why it can make your hair look shiny, stick straight and "healthy",but also why it is causing nosebleeds, watery eyes, resperatory issues...etc. So I ask you, to decide for yourself, is amped up shine worth the risk?

Here are some clips from the article that I personally found jaw dropping.

    "Last fall, Portland, Oregon-area stylists began complaining about eye irritation, breathing problems, and nosebleeds after doing repeated Keratin treatments, so the division of the Occupational Safety and Health Administation(OSHA) decided to investigate. It tested samples from Brazilian Blowout, and several other brands along with the air quality in five Oregon salons. The subsequent report charged that while none of the salon-air quality tests were over the limit deemed permissible by OSHA, the solution despite being marketed as "formaldehyde-free," contained up to 10 percent of the preservative. According to OSHA, to be considered safe, a product should contain no more than 0.1 percent formaldehyde. If it has higher amounts, manufacturers must list it as an ingredient, and employers should educate workers about how to use product safely. Through the Brazilian Blowout brand bore the brunt of the criticism, OSHA found that the Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment by Coppola and Brazilian Gloss produced too-high levels as well."

   The article went on to discuss how if stylists are performing these treatments, it should be done on limited days of the week and the salon should be very well ventilated, that being stated, this is a giant red flag!

     The shocking wrap-up of this exposing article was "If you experience any skin irritation or breathing problems during or afterward, see your doctor immediatly. At the end of the day, YOUR health is more important than your hair". I found this to be perfectly stated. This is why you as a consumer, need to be savvy. The FDA has limited reach in protecting your health, therefore, the decision is yours to make.