A little DIY for our Twiggies!

We love a good nail trend! We saw marble manis hit the runway this season and were dying to know how they did it, so we found out. Of course we had to share it with all of you! You will need 3 nails polish colors. Great colors to try? Butter London's Blagger, Dosh, and Cheeky Chops for something bright, or Butter London's Union Jack Black, The Old Bill, and Fash Pack for something a bit more low-key.


3 (or more) nail colors

Small bowl of cold water


White or black polish to contrast the colors you chose

Cuticle Oil(we recommend Butter London's Handbag Holiday)

Polish remover



What to do:

Apply two coats of black/white polish as a base

In your bowl of cold water, take one nail color and drop a few drops into the bowl. It should lay on the surface and spread out a bit.

Continue to add the rest of your colors in the same fashion, one on top of the other. Do this quickly because the polish hardens. Once you have done this, swirl the colors together with a toothpick.

Apply cuticle oil around all the edges of your nail and about a half inch under your cuticle. This will prevent excess polish from adhering to your nails.

Take one nail and place it face down in the pool so your nail is covered and then remove it.

Wipe away polish around your nails and use your Q-tip and remover to lift any stubborn polish.

Finish with a topcoat and flaunt it!