Let us give a warm welcome to our new additions to the Kusco Murphy line. Twig will now be carrying Kusco's Ossential wash and rinse and bee hyrdrated wash and rinse. Both products are organic and vegetarian friendly, which we just love! The Kusco-Murphy product range does not contain any paper or animal by-products and it has never been tested on animals, nor will it be. All product ingredients are 100% vegetable based and are enhanced with the finest quality essential oils. The performance of these products are out of this world! It's all about textured hair made simple: cleanse / condition / treat. We can't wait for you to give it a try!!

bee hydrated is a nourishing shampoo targeted at dry hair. It is inspired by native Australian botanical's to keep your hair nourished, restored, moisturized, shiney and protected naturally.


Ossential wash and rinse are recommended for all hair types. It is enriched with Cocoa Butter to smooth and soothe hair cuticles and Essential Oil of Ylang Ylang to restore and retain moisture in your hair.