hot topic II. (this article was so popular, we had to repost it!)

Okay, so I know that I have already blogged about this once but here is some more on the subject of "Brazilian Blowouts", "Keratin Treatment/Straightening", etc.. 

The article below sheds some light on the highly toxic service that is so very popular right now, please read::

We don't regulate ingredients in cosmetics except for color additives," says Veronica Castro, a spokeswoman for the Food & Drug Administration.

At TWIG, we choose to work with products + color that are up to or exceed the EU (European Union) standards.  

I am so passionate about how wrong these services are for your health that I predict there will be many lawsuits in the near future for the manufacturers.  Also, I am in the process of trying to find out whether or not it is in fact safe for our designers to color your hair once you have had one of these services done.  

Food for thought::  if you are considering a "Brazilian Blowout", please ponder these thoughts...  why do you need one in the first place, are you not taking care of your hair properly?   For the same/less cost, why not consider having your hair "blown out" once a week professionally?  Is my health worth risking for such a controversial service??