Jimmy Buffet cancels show due to oil spill.


On TWIGs latest adventure to Miami we had the chance to get to know a lovely lady sitting next to us on the plane and had a very interesting conversation.  Turns out she works for Jimmy Buffet and was on her way back from Pensacola. This is where Buffet was opening a new Margaritaville Hotel.  He was scheduled to play a concert for the grand opening however, due to the oil spill other plans were in store. 

"Gulf Coast Concert Postponed Until July 11th
“This is the beach of my misspent youth,” he said, as we began to stroll along the water’s edge.
A few kids played in the water, but the rough surf created by Hurricane Alex kept them from swimming. A thin line of tar balls had been left on the beach by the morning tide.
“You’re not human if anger isn’t the first emotion,” says Buffett, who has long been involved in environmental causes.
“Can Margaritaville survive an oil slick?” I ask. “Sure, hell, we’ll survive,” he says quickly, “people on this coast can survive anything. I mean, it’s another storm, it happens to be one we’re not quite used to in terms of what it’s leaving behind, but you know, this is hurricane country and people bounce back, and I love the resilience of people.”
Buffett himself has just opened up a hotel in Pensacola Beach, not great timing he admits, but he is not surprised this spill has lasted so long. He says he didn’t believe the early estimates put out by BP about the oil flow.
The highly anticipated Jimmy Buffett concert has been postponed until July 11 because of concerns about Tropical Storm Alex, city officials told the Press-Register this afternoon.
The free concert was set to be simulcast on the CMT network, featuring native son Buffett and a cast of friends and special guests. The show was an attempt to boost tourism and spirits in light of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.
The news came suddenly and with little warning.
As of lunchtime today, the Gulf Shores City Council was holding a special meeting to discuss plans for the show and a crane was lifting parts of the stage into place."

 At TWIG we are trying our best for recovery efforts to clean up this mess in the gulf, as we blogged before, we recycle hair and send it to "Matter of Trust".  They collaborate with thousands of salons (such as TWIG)  throughout the US and abroad, that donate their hair clippings to soak up oil spills.