from :: mom to vixen :: in the blink of an eye

Here at TWIG we love to help our guests out with classes on how to transform your style based on your mood of the moment.  In this case, from MOM hair to VIXEN, in a split second.

Have you ever had a last minute call from your husband or friends asking you to go out with only minutes to get ready after a day of taking care of the kids with your hair in a pony tail? C'mon, of course you have! This class is for you! Our designers have came up with multiple ways to make your transformation quick, easy and fun... all in only a few seconds!

We are holding this class at TWIG hair lounge on August 20th at 630 pm.  Reservations are filling up fast so call today to be sure you have a spot in this popular class.  Visa and Mastercard are accepted over the phone, the non-refundable fee for this class is only 10$.  Friends are welcome too!