gio professional flat iron

Here at TWIG we don't want any beauty secret's to go undiscovered by our clients. This straightener has came a long way in the ENZO MILANO®  company. Introducing at TWIG is the Gio Professional Flat Iron it's a slim, easy to manage straightener that creates a sleek, silky finish that's free of frizz and styling-related damage. This amazing iron works by using the exclusive Tribostatic heat sink along with tourmaline infused plates. These unique technologies use evenly distributed heat and negative ions to shift the proteins within the hair and create new protein chains, thereby physically changing the shape of the hair from the inside out. The tourmaline used in the Gio professional 1'' Flat Iron works to break down large droplets of water into smaller droplets, allowing them to be easily absorbed into the hair for a more conditioned and hydrated texture. The lightweight handle is designed to provide comfort and ease while styling your hair. Hair is always left perfectly styled, silky smooth and incredibly gorgeous.  Psst!  Here is another fantastic secret:: at TWIG when you trade in your old (but working) flat iron, we donate it to a women's shelter and honor a 10% discount on a new GIO!

Paring this straightener up with our KEVIN MURPHY heat protection line will ensure your hair to great health!

DAMAGE.MANAGER: Instant heat shielding spray,weightless and invisible.
HEATED.DEFENCE: Heat protecting volumising spray.
FULL.ON.PROTECTION: Heat protecting texture spray.
STRAIGHT.DEFENCE: Heat protecting balm.