hydrate.me wash & rinse.


Kevin Murphy: Hydrate-me wash and rinse 

Who is it for? The hydrate-me range is for stressed out hair that is damaged or dry from heated appliances, the environment, the sun, aging or continuous chemical services such as coloring. It’s for hair that’s thirsty for moisture and replenishment!

How is it different? Inspired by the philosophy of skin care, the hydrate-me range takes advantage of the skin care ingredients designed to minimize the  appearance of fine lines and wrinkle. These ingredients prove to be effective in sealing up the “cracks” on the hair shaft, making the surface of the hair smoother and visibly shinier.

How does it work? The Hydrate-me range works on two levels: repair and hydration. If you do not have antioxidants that are responsible for the repair working along with the moisture, then the moisture will soon be lost. These antioxidants stop the onslaught of damage and with out them the moisture will literally rinse straight out of the hair. The hydrate me antioxidants are wild harvested from the Australian Rainforest.              
                                                                    Hydrate: is to restore or maintain moisture balance 

Moisturize: to moisturize is to make a substance or something less dry

Antioxidant: a substance that inhibits oxidation, used to counteract damage

Kakadu plum: native to the Australian Northern Territory, this fruit has the highest concentration of natural Vitamin C and natural antioxidants of any known plant.