TWIG is happy to present Pacifica. This Oregon based company is an all natural 100% vegan friendly line that has fresh scents to cater the seasons.

Pacifica has to offer some amazing fresh scents that come in many forms of products some include soy candles, solid perfume, spray perfume, body butter and much more! Pacifica’s quality control team has spent countless hours making the products to ensure that the all natural aroma’s and oils in them are healthy for you and your life style. 




Here at TWIG we share a similar manifesto “love what you do and do what you love. Great waves make for great days. Don’t follow trends, follow your heart. Invent a new world and keep ties to the old one. Be an environmentalist. Fearlessness is our most valuable natural resource. Bring your family. Romance, travel and adventure are all in a days work.”  
Our manifesto states “ think modern.reinvent vintage.practice inspire.” We love the goal of Pacifica and are so glad to share it with you here at TWIG.


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