Brazilian Blowout - NO thank you.

Our guests always ask about the "BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT" and what all the hype is about.  After much research into the composition of such an expensive treatment I have discovered a few worrysome thoughts::

- They are composed of both Keratin and Formaldahyde (or a sister ingredient).  Too much Keratin can cause the hair to become brittle and break.  Formaldahyde has been approved to be used in this product in very small doses.  However, it is a very well known carcinogen.  Just remember - there are a multitude of diet pills that have been approved and then later we find out the effects after it is too late.

-  The process causes a shell to form around the hair, not allowing conditioner to penetrate in the future.  Hair needs moisture as this is 10-15% of its composition.

-  If your hair was in great shape in the first place, you wouldn't be considering this treatment.  Consider your hair and body's health before exposing yourself to a chemical such as the "brazilian blowout".  Do your research, as knowledge is power.  Remember:: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.