featured "rising star"

Emma joined TWIG hair lounge in the early part of 2010.  She graduated from Paul Mitchell - The School prior to passing state boards and obtaining her cosmetology license.  TWIG was lucky enough to have the opportunity to mold such fresh talent into a true rising star.  Over the past 10 months, Emma has attended classes every Tuesday from our very own top designers.  She has spent numerous hours tweaking her skills and prepping for a real day behind the chair.  We have given her the skills to make her a confident designer and tested her from every angle to prove it.  Emma is now a part of what we call "Phase 3".  In this transitional period, rising stars are allowed additional time with each guest as they are continuing to develop into strong designers. (in other words, it takes practice to get a rhythm down)  Very anxious to show you what she's got, Emma is available to take guests every Tuesday and Thursday.  One of our concierge can set you up with a reservation - 760.431.8989

Emma's Phase 3 Pricing starts at::

Barbering - 20$

Ladies Design - 35$

Colour - 55$ and up

Doing a ponytail more often than not, styling taking too much time, need a new idea just for styling? - ask Emma!  She would love to teach you how to blowdry/style your hair!  only $20 for a 45 minute lesson.