BODY.GUARD is your thermal protector and should be applied to damp hair first from mid lengths to ends. BODY.GUARD has 9 essential Oils that act as anti oxidants this makes it perfect for a post colour leave in repair product.

The EASY.RIDER had vitamins and minerals that treat the hair as it styles, you could also blend BODY.GUARD & EASY.RIDER  together in the palm of your hand. If the hair is really coarse then go 50/50 if the hair is fine textured but abundant, then go 60% BODY.GUARD to 40% EASY.RIDER. If the hair is really coarse and the ends a brittle then add more easy rider to the ends before the blow dry. The result with be really smooth shiny hair. The benefits of this combo is styling products that repair your hair all while styling!  Cheers to that mate!