Tools Required:

hair dryer

2 x sectioning clips

Bristle Brush



Decorative Clips or Bobby Pins.


For best results apply a setting lotion like HEATED.DEFENCE or ANTI.GRAVITY to wet hair and dry in, always pushing the hair back and up. The texture in the hair is a personal choice (straighter styles are best suited to this look).

After the hair has dried, pull the sides back and secure with a sectioning clip. Then take the top section starting at the crown, tease the roots of the top of the hair section by section working your way to the front. Once you have finished that, let the sides of your hair out and take a bristle brush and brush over the top layer of the hair repeatedly until the surface is smooth.

Apply a little SESSION.SPRAY and smooth over using the palms of your hands. Pull the sides of your hair straight back and secure with a decorative clip. Pull apart the front of your hair gently to give a softer effect