commission vs. booth rent

Being in the industry for 15 years, I have heard lots of discussion on booth rental and quite frankly, I don't really understand it.  I have interviewed at salons that work independantly and the number one thing they lack is a team atmosphere.  I have always desired to work WITH my neighbor, not against.  Working as a commission stylist means working as a team, learning from each other, challenging each other, essentially... keeping everyone on their toes, including yourself.  

At TWIG, we will be organized in a tiered-commission fashion.  What this means is a healthy balance for both the "house" and the designer.  I believe that you are only as good as those whom surround you.  I also believe in positive reinforcement and gratitude. With that being said, TWIG is dedicated to educating our staff on the latest techniques, business sense, and pushing our "art" to the limit through expression.  I believe that when you give others the tools and opportunity to grow, they do... and it is beautiful!  

TWIG vision:  Think Modern.  Reinvent Vintage.  Practice Discipline.  Do Inspire.